SENTROL CLOUD helps collect actual data from field sensor that is very useful for programming software for displaying field sensors.
Air Temperature
Air Humidity
Soil Moisture
Soil PH
SENTROL CLOUD helps display multiple sensor types that provides
calibration information for hardware design.
Toxic gas, PM2.5,
Fire Alarm, Facility Security
SENTROL CLOUD provides customized services for installer
to integrate with their computer system.
Perishable goods
tracking, locating
and real-time
SENTROL CLOUD provides consultancy for user to integrate Wireless/ZigBee sensors into their current computer software or SCADA.
Light Control, Water Purity, Water PH,
Water Conductivity
Sensor readings all log in SentrolCloud.
Visualize readings for instant actions.
Set profiles for zones for real time alert.
Maintain environment by automated control.

Monitor, Secure and Control Remotely Deployed Nietzsche Devices
Log and Transact Data

All the sensor readings will be logged in the cloud database.

SentrolCloud provide intuitive user interface for users to set profiles.

Once user has set the profile, all the logics will be sent to gateway for automated control.

Infographics and Analyze
Multiple sensors in one monitoring profile
Monitor and Notification
User can see the real time and seek time interval of data at will.
Multiple sensor' readings can be displayed in one profile of screen.
Once the reading goes out-limit, the screen will show sign for instant corrective action.
Automation and Control
Once the limit commands have been stored inside the gateway, it will control the actuators automatically without internet connection.

Trigger and buffer can be set up for real field control.

One actuator can be controlled by several sensors, or the other way around.